About the Good Brew Guide

Josh Wright

If I can find something good to say about a beer, I do. Any merit or unusual aspect is, I believe, of interest to my readers. That is why I choose to write about it in the first place … Nor since I have the whole world from which to choose, can I be comprehensive. If I despise a beer, why find room for it? This poses a problem only when a beer is too big to ignore. – Michael Jackson, author, beer writer and nerd

Who / what is the Good Brew Guide?

The Good Brew Guide site and social media is Josh Wright. But, to a large extent, it’s you, me and every other craft beer drinker, appreciator, lover, fan, brewer and hater. I don’t claim any specific allegiance to anything other than the methodical idea that beer should be enjoyed by everyone and that the education, discussion and disagreement are all an important part of a community built around a good time.

My involvement in craft beer is limited to my own consumption and friends in the industry, though open to any involvement in which can positively educate or further the growth of craft beer in Fort Worth, TX and around the world.

The Good Brew Guide is not a brewery and I am not currently seeking to open a place of my own. The Good Brew Guide is my journalistic outlet to write about one of my passions, beer, and by that, I mean good beer. Good beer is nebulous to the person holding the glass, but I think we can all agree there is good beer and bad beer. And like many beer fans, I’m on a journal searching for that beer and I am also looking to tell the stories of those who made it. Beer is about people just as much as a community is people.

Who does GBG promote or not promote?

This site was formerly know as the Fort Worth Brew Scene. Since changing over to focus on the journalism side of beer, I do not expressively or consistently promote beer events. I am happy to retweet or post about an event from time-to-time at my discretion. If you are looking for the best place to find information on local Dallas / Fort Worth beer events, hit up Beer in Big D or Dallas Brew Scene. These guys are your best resources that nearly every other events listing in the Metroplex steals their listings from. Consider them your sources.

What is your opinion on macro breweries buying out the craft breweries? Is the word ‘craft’ dead?

Follow me on Twitter and we’ll find out together.