Podcast #4 – Interview with Revolver Brewing

Almost two years ago, I pulled through the gate at Revolver Brewing on a Monday afternoon. As the dust from the driveway settled, I made my way through the original brewery building and spoke with brewmaster Grant Wood and Rhett Keisler about Revolver Brewing’s formation and mission. Both gentlemen spoke at length to any questions I asked and gave light-hearted critiques on the industry they were working hard to build their business in.

When meeting the guys, it was obvious to me there is more than meets the glass of Blood & Honey. The two of them, along with Rhett’s father Ronnie, have brewed a business founded upon quality, consistency and open arms to beer fans young and old. And if I could be slightly hyperbolic, as I listen to Grant and Rhett tell their story, there is a feeling of maturity and focus involved that is steamed for success, through their hard-work and go-get-it attitudes.

This past week, Grant and Rhett graciously accepted my invitation to be the first interview for the podcast. Despite what feelings many beer fans in North Texas may hold towards Revolver as a result of their majority stake purchase and partnership with Miller-Coors, what hasn’t changed is the beer and hard working attitude.

Many thanks to Grant and Rhett for sharing their feelings and being open about the changes that come with a partnership like theirs with Miller-Coors. And please, if you still feel conflicted or just have questions, go down to a tour at the brewery in Granbury and meet them. They are honest about their openness and would love to discuss things over a glass of Revolver beer.

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