Podcast #6 – Turning Point Beer

New England-style / Hazy IPAs are something of a trend that has been quickly growing in American beer. How you define these beers is not agreed upon, BCBJ and the Brewer’s Association both seem to be dragging their feet on something that has been around for at least two or three years, but beer fans are clamoring for them nonetheless.

And while trends often start in urban city centers, the NE IPA trend seems to be beginning in the suburbs of North Texas with Turning Point Beer. A group of four friends working in the beer industry are looking from taking their full-time jobs and weekend passions for homebrewing to the professional level.

Michael and I met the guys in their bachelor pad garage and chatted their beer and little bit about beer climate, while they continued to let us know that James Herrington (of The Collective Brewing Project) is not involved in the project and is just in it for hiding from his family and drinking free beer. And what their plan was to open up on Bedford, Texas and hopefully be the base for continuing to grow and encourage good, well-crafted beer in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area.


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