Overrated Beer Opinions

No matter how much we might enjoy something, it is really easy for us to grow tired of things. Most especially when our popular culture is completely focused on new and more. This applies to beer as much as it applies to a movie franchise, artists, tv shows, food trends, and anything else that could be labeled “overrated.”

Overrated, in it’s current grossly overused manner, is simply ineffective and meaningless when it comes to beer. But, this doesn’t stop beer fans, writers, and marketing/sales people from using it. Considering it’s buzzword-ness, it’s only real use is to create responses and dissection while creating chatter around something, despite it’s potential for decisively negative effects or created opinions.

In short, it creates a slowing or distraction in the flow of a conversation and overall lacks substance to really appropriate express ones opinion about a beer, brewery, or trend.

If we were to find a better way to say what we are actually feeling, I believe you could perhaps use “over-hyped” or “too popular.” Even then, deep down, we know the truth; taste is subjective. And it is subjective because each of us have a different palate, each of us have different preferences, and each of us have taken a different path to get to where we are now. Calling something overrated, attempts to elevate yourself as an authority and, frankly, you aren’t any different than a troll on the comments section of CNN.

We can be better than this. We can be more critical, even without having the most broad beer knowledge around. Certainly, it makes for a humble moment and we can approach trends in a different manner. Seeing them for what they are and letting these trends or popular style move as they will and see what sticks in the long run.

If you don’t like this brewery, or you think there is too much of that type of beer, then don’t consume it. Let’s just stop with the belittling and be united in the joy of loving beer.

Just drink beer and keep loving what you love.