Sightglass #6

One of the privileges of being a writer and providing coverage for the craft beer revolution, that is unfolding here in America, is being able to see events that are going to lead to amazing things. Some of those are the first tapping of a beer that will become a staple, the brewery receiving a “grown-up” brewing system that will allow the brewery to expand, or it’s first anniversary. For me, any of those events are thrilling and bring a lot of joy to anyone involved, even if the results of that event may not be seen for years.

Imagine the first time the German brewers of yesteryear put their beers in caves or the first time someone in Bourdeux, France first harvested grapes. It’s not the fact it was done first, it was the fact they took the leap and said, “let’s see what happens.”

As The Collective Brewing Project rounds the corner and is heading towards their third anniversary, it’s been a big year already. Their first (of several) turbid-mash-into-a-coolship brewing experience, their first “milkshake” IPA, which they added Brettanomyces to and I’d argue it’s pretty damn good and just completely different from others I’ve had, and the launch of their bottle club.

And there is more in store; check out my podcast interview with head brewer/co-owner Ryan Deyo, coming later this week.

Oh, and they launched a small bites menu and a wine list. A wine list at a brewery? Yep. It’s new to us Texans and perhaps Collective is leading the way for us to catch up.

“Not because we’re trying to sway those non-beer drinkers and tell them that it’s okay to come drink here with their friends or spouses,” says Deyo. “All of these wines are spontaneous and wild fermented, which goes along with our focus. We may not be a winery, but a lot of what we do is like a winery. And, it doesn’t hurt that my wife loves wine.”

There is no book or future timeline written for breweries like Collective. And that’s a great thing.